600 tablets against isolation

Tuesday 19 May 2020

Since April, Caritas Luxembourg has been distributing numeric tablets to families and single people living in the refugee centres and in the housing units it manages, as well as to homeless people living in one of its structures. To date, nearly 845 people have benefited from this valuable support. At the end of the operation, a total of more than a thousand people will benefit from this donation!

The tablets allow the beneficiaries to get information, to communicate with the outside world, their family and the Caritas teams, to write letters of motivation and CVs, but also to have some fun and take a break via the Internet at a time when people are isolated in their shelter room, sometimes without a television or computer. For refugee families and students, the tablet is mainly used to access homework and courses online. This action therefore helps to support people in their integration efforts.

This action has been made possible thanks to the generosity of many donors including André Losch Fondation, Advent International, Martine & Bertram Pohl Foundation, MFS Investment Management, BNP Paribas Group Luxembourg, Post Luxembourg, as well as the organisers of the T-shirt sale action to the benefit of Caritas Luxembourg, namely Drockmeeschter, Stitch Luxembourg and Antoine Lesch.

Caritas Luxembourg would like to thank them all on behalf of all the children, parents and single people who, thanks to them, have been able to maintain an open "window" to the outside world during this period of confinement.

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