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Caritas work in Afghanistan

Friday 20 August 2021

Caritas Luxembourg has been working for 20 years in Afghanistan. Including 10 years in a project fighting tuberculosis.

In cooperation with three German organizations and a local partnership, we run eight rural hospitals and a larger city hospital. We primarily help to screen patients for TB and offer adequate treatment. The screening is done directly on the spot. There are mobile teams that drive from village to village to visit all those who have suspicious symptoms.

TB is a disease rooted in poverty and very common in central Afghanistan, a very deprived region. Women generally have very little access to care. In response, Caritas hired female medical staff a few years ago. As a result,  the number of women being screened and treated by women (and not men anymore) has increased tremendously.

Of course, in our different hospitals, it is not only tuberculosis patients who are taken care of but all other patients.

Thanks to its extensive experience in Tajikistan, Caritas Luxembourg is also working in five Afghan prisons. 

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