The Centre de l'Oseraie and the clients of the Caritas Buttek of Diekirch affected by the floods

Thursday 15 July 2021

Caritas Luxembourg releases funds to help them

Following the floods, the residents of the Centre de l'Oseraie of Caritas Luxembourg in Kopstal had to be evacuated urgently last night. The Centre de l'Oseraie is home to about 15 people living in extreme poverty. Most of them were homeless, and are housed there in order to carry out their social reinsertion project. The centre was completely flooded. The residents were evacuated to an emergency shelter. Caritas Luxembourg would like to thank all those, including the Ministry of Family, who made it possible to find a quick solution to rehouse these people for whom this disaster is an additional difficulty in their already very complicated lives. The national emergency fund of Caritas Luxembourg has just been activated and will help them.

Another service that is affected by the floods is the Caritas Buttek in Diekirch. Caritas Luxembourg informs that the social grocery shop had to be closed at the request of the municipality in view of the flooding of the Alzette. However, in order to continue to provide assistance to families in need who depend on the Diekirch social grocery shop for their essentials, Caritas Luxembourg has decided to release funds and to open a telephone line (tel.: 40 21 31 - 918). The beneficiaries of the social grocery shop will be able to ask for vouchers in order to do their shopping in supermarkets of the region and thus meet their most urgent needs during the closure.

At the moment, Caritas Luxembourg does not identify any specific material needs (clothes, furniture, etc.). People who wish to support Caritas Luxembourg can do so by making a donation to the CCPL account: IBAN LU34 1111 0000 2020 0000 with the mention "Soutien Caritas" or via the following form.

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