Continued collaboration with Kosovo

Friday 14 February 2020

On 7 February, Caritas Luxembourg welcomed Dr. Bernard Nikay, Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo in Brussels, and Gjeneza Budima, Minister Counsellor.

The latter underlined the importance of further cooperation between Kosovo and Luxembourg.

Marie-Josée Jacobs, President of Caritas Luxembourg, and Dr. Michael Feit, Head of the International Cooperation Service of Caritas Luxembourg, assured the Ambassador of their support in the development of Kosovo and in the peace process.

The work of Caritas Luxembourg in Kosovo is based on three main axes and is at the same time concentrated on a few municipalities located in the North and South of Kosovo. This allows Caritas Luxembourg to go deeper into its work.

There is firstly, helping communities to organise themselves and take their own destiny into their hands.

Then there is the fight against unemployment. Training is offered and support is provided to people who wish to start and/or develop their own economic activity, be it agricultural, manufacturing or service.

Finally, there is the support given to schools to improve the quality of their teaching and the encouragement of pupils so that they do not leave school prematurely.

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