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CREAMISU: new premises for more creativity

Thursday 10 October 2019

On the occasion of the World Day of the Homeless, Caritas Luxembourg invited its partners and the press to the inauguration of the new premises of the artistic creation space CREAMISU.

This space is dedicated to homeless people or people living in great precariousness. The objective is to enable them, through artistic expression of all kinds: painting, music, composition, singing, sewing, etc., to break with the monotony of their daily lives, to be busy, but also to express themselves, and thus to regain their self-esteem and dignity.

All the necessary equipment is made available to the participants on site. Workshops are run by volunteer artists and the various creations are promoted through concerts, openings, recordings, etc.

Creamisu is in line with Caritas Luxembourg's desire not to limit its assistance to the material needs of the "housed, fed, laundered" in emergency and accommodation facilities, which remain essential, especially in winter. Indeed, Caritas Luxembourg is convinced that if we want marginalised people to return to society one day, it is important to break the isolation and loneliness in which they find themselves. This is what projects like Creamisu, but also "Power-team" bodybuilding sessions or "Streetfootball" are used for.

In 2018, Creamisu opened nearly 270 days. 7,419 participations were recorded, including 4,529 participations in creative activities. 910 were related to music, singing, composition, recording, 573 to cooking and 3,046 to drawing, crafts, collage, sewing, jewellery making, upcycling, paracord. 1,176 male and 829 female attendances were recorded. Creamisu's programme also includes visits to museums, concerts, openings and exhibitions, cultural activities such as the "Meekranz", as well as participation in artistic competitions. Finally, let us mention the release of the CD "Mär sinn aarme Sei", directed by Serge Tonnar and Alex Heyar (Moof) with the artists from Creamisu.

Creamisu was initiated two years ago with the support of the Oeuvre National de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte and is currently funded in part by the Ministry of Health and by many private donors.

Creamisu is now located at 2a, rue Irmine in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie. The new premises allow artists to work in greater comfort. Much more spacious, they include, among other things, a space reserved for music activities and another for drawing and DIY.

For more information, don't hesitate to contact Nathalie Scheer, or Luca Parisi,, or to follow Creamisu on Facebook


Watch the Creamisu video!


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