The European Union, a major partner of Caritas Luxembourg's international cooperation

Friday 7 May 2021

The day after tomorrow is Europe Day and on this occasion Caritas Luxembourg would like to thank the European Union for the financial support it provides and which enables it to help tens and tens of thousands of people around the world. In 2020, 47% of Caritas Luxembourg's total international cooperation budget came from the European Union, a considerable contribution, equivalent to that of the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

With the help of the EU, Caritas Luxembourg is, for example, able to intervene in Northern Syria where it distributes emergency aid with its local partner to tens of thousands of people displaced by the conflict. The aid consists of the provision of shelter, food, hygiene kits, latrines, shopping vouchers, help with job creation, etc.

In Laos, the European Union supports the improvement of nutrition. Caritas Luxembourg carries out many actions at the community level. For example, the capacities of nutrition actors are strengthened for planning and interventions in nutrition. With regard to sanitation, latrines are built and health centres are maintained (training of employees, provision of equipment). Hygiene awareness is also being raised through extensive campaigns. The installation of water supply systems provides clean water and reduces diseases caused by dirty water.

Finally, the European Union supports Caritas Luxembourg in its efforts to assist and support Venezuelans who left the crisis-stricken country by the thousands to seek refuge in neighbouring countries. The refugees receive hygiene products, food, shelter, as well as financial assistance to pay for rent or medicines. Activities also include raising awareness among potential emigrants in Venezuela about the context of migration in terms of costs, risks and protection channels. In addition, Caritas Luxembourg contributes with EU support to the fight against Covid-19 in South America through the distribution of hygiene kits and masks, awareness raising on sanitary measures and access to health services and medical treatment.

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