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Fast growing fishes

Tuesday 12 October 2021

Changes of monsoon patterns and prolonged droughts induced by climate change induced are affecting fish farming ponds in Bangladesh. In a farmer-led approach, facilitated by the project, smallholders in Naogaon District, Bangladesh, explored fast-growing fish for village pond fish farming systems.

Spot fin Swamp Barb cultivation has helped to solve my problem of cultivating fish in a drought prone area. My six-month production is equivalent to the previous one-year production.”

During the past 10 years Habir's fish production decreased because his pond was drying up earlier than before. Monsoon water only supplies his pond with water from July to November. This makes it impossible to farm his usual fish, a carp species that takes 10 months to mature. The project staff decided to set up an experimental fish trial. Habir prepared his pond according to the Fisheries Extension Department´s suggestions and released 1,000 Spot fin Swamp Barb fingerlings into his pond and applied improved fish farming methods (e.g. supplementary food, netting after 15 days and use of cow dung). After just over 4 months, he was able to harvest 104 kg of fish. Members of his family consumed 10 kg and were able to sell the other 94 kg to purchase rice and increase their food security.

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