First Young Caritas conference

Friday 30 November 2018

Last week, 70 delegates from 31 European countries, among wich delegates from Young Caritas Luxembourg, Caritas Europa and Caritas Internationalis met for the first Conference on Social Education and Young Volunteerism in Vienna.

This conference was the largest meeting of Caritas youth organizations at European level so far.

The goals were to facilitate an exchange of experience and knowledge, develop a common strategy and intensify the cooperation at the European level. The delegates finally adopted the "Vienna Declaration on Young Caritas", testifying to the willingness of all to do everything possible to ensure that young people have the opportunity to become socially engaged.

For more information, please visit the website of Caritas Europa.


The evaluation of Caritas Corona-Helpline and the experience of the teams on the ground are rich in lessons learned. If we don't want people and families to fall permanently into precariousness, measures need to be taken quickly! Please find all our proposals for action in the link below!

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