Solidarity with the flood victims in Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium

Thursday 22 July 2021

In view of the scale of the disaster that has hit our neighbouring countries and the desire of many Luxembourg residents to show solidarity with our close neighbours, Caritas Luxembourg informs that it is supporting Caritas Belgium and Caritas Germany in their aid to the disaster-stricken population.

The first step is to cover the basic needs of people who have lost everything. The second step is to provide financial assistance to the victims so that they can quickly rebuild their devastated homes. Caritas Belgium and Caritas Germany are already involved in the organisation of aid by distributing basic material to the affected population and will need our solidarity to help people get back to normal life in the coming months.

Caritas Luxembourg also reminds that people affected by the floods in Luxembourg can contact the organisation to request assistance from its national emergency fund.

This assistance is complementary to the financial assistance to private households offered by the State through the Ministry of the Family and possible assistance from social offices and insurance companies. The organisation can be contacted by telephone on 402131-1 or by e-mail at

People wishing to show their solidarity with the emergency aid actions of Caritas Luxembourg can make a donation by transfer to the account CCPL IBAN LU34 1111 0000 2020 0000 with the mention "Fonds d'urgence nationale" for aid in Luxembourg and "Aide aux sinistrés des inondations en Allemagne et en Belgique" for aid beyond our borders.

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