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Honored for their commitment

Friday 16 December 2022

At the recent Christmas celebration for Caritas Luxembourg employees, the President of Caritas Luxembourg, Marie-Josée Jacobs, honored the employees who have been working with Caritas Luxembourg for many years for people in need. In the presence of members of the Board of Directors, she thanked them wholeheartedly for their commitment and underlined their professionalism, reliability and perseverance. Indeed, to be able to commit oneself in support of people in need, these are the qualities that are essential.

The following people were thanked for their 30, 20 and 10 years of service to people in need: Leon Jentgen (30 years), Pascale Thull (30 years), José Anaya Gioia (20 years), Heike Kirschstein (20 years), Michèle Maraite (20 years), Saverio Rella (20 years), Silva Stéphanie (20 years), Philippe Bouvard (10 years), Christina Duffes (10 years), Claude Forget (10 years), Vincent Guinot (10 years), Robert Kohll (10 years), Leonora Lika (10 years), Fatima Nunes (10 years), Raffaella Palumbo (10 years), Florent Thibor (10 years), Joëlle Wiltgen (10 years)

The Christmas event was also the occasion to thank the collaborators who are retiring at the end of this year: Georges Christen who has been in charge of the Power-Team activity for years. The objective of this activity is to give back to the homeless people their self-esteem through physical and muscular training, and Martine Leseigne who has been the director of the human resources of Caritas Luxembourg during the last few years. The governance and management expressed their gratitude for the commitment and enthusiasm that both of them have shown during their challenging years at Caritas Luxembourg. The staff of Caritas Luxembourg wishes them all the best for this new phase of their lives.

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