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Surviving on the streets

Thursday 25 May 2023

Living on the street is a real ordeal, both physically and morally. Homeless people are particularly vulnerable and their health is usually quite poor. They often find it difficult to seek medical care or even just to ask for it. They postpone their care and problems, neglect the urgency of their problems and put them on the back burner or ignore them altogether. Sometimes they simply do not know where to turn for help.

Faced with this observation, we set up a totally innovative service in Luxembourg a little over two years ago. A mobile team of Caritas Luxembourg nurses travels the streets of the capital every day to meet homeless people. Their aim is to gain their confidence, to make them aware of their body and their health, and, if they wish, to accompany them in their efforts to seek medical care. There are many different problems: it can be a simple wound - which is then treated immediately - or a chronic illness, or even psychological concerns. This is also why we work with a whole network of doctors, health professionals, psychologists and social workers.

At a time when precariousness is constantly increasing, this specific care for homeless people is more necessary than ever. For some of them, it is simply vital.

We hope to be able to count once again on your solidarity for this project, which is particularly important to us and to those living on the streets.

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