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Caritas Forum „ Aarm mécht krank - krank mécht aarm“

On 24 May at 18:00 to 20:00
On 25 May at 08:30 to 17:00

What is Caritas Forum ?

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Caritas Forum, launched in 2023, is a continuation of the Sozialalmanach, which for 15 years was an instrument for dialogue with policymakers, civil society and businesses. Caritas Forum has the same objective as the Sozialalmanach, which is to address a topic from different perspectives and thus offer a collection of reflections, analyses, experiences and examples from which people can learn.

Theme of the 2023 Edition

„ Aarm mécht krank - krank mécht aarm"

Poverty is still largely seen as a monetary and material phenomenon. A person is poor when his/her income or consumption is below a defined threshold. But what is the link between health and poverty indicators? This is an important issue that has so far received little attention in Luxembourg. Everyday life shows clearly that poverty is a health risk and that illness is a poverty risk. A person caught in the spiral of poverty and illness not only has difficulties in taking care of him/herself and his/her quality of life. He or she also finds it difficult to integrate into a social system that could guarantee basic medical care.


24 May at 6.00 pm: Opening conference with two internationally renowned speakers -  Cercle Cité - Luxembourg-City

  • Intervenants Caritas ForumProfessor Richard Wilkinson, emeritus professor of Social Epidemiology and author (on the left)
  • Professor Dr med. Gerhard Trabert, physician, professor, social worker and author (on the right)

Detailed programme of the opening conference (in French)

Simultaneous interpretation into French will be available

Registration for the Opening conference

Vin d'honneur offered by: Logo Ville de Luxembourg

25 May from 8.30 am to 5 pm: Symposium - Centre Jean XXIII - Luxembourg-Kirchberg. The detailed programme will be available mid-March.

This symposium deals with the theme "Aarm mécht krank, krank mécht aarm" from different angles and thus offers a wealth of reflections, analyses, experiences and examples from which to draw in order to move the Luxembourg society towards a more socially just society. Throughout the day there will be workshops and interventions around the themes of access to health care, mental health and childhood.

The day will conclude with a round table discussion with representatives of political parties.


1. What if everyone had access to health care? (Workshop in French)

In Luxembourg, there are still people who do not have access to health care even though it is a fundamental right. What can we do to change this? What could a genuine universal health care coverage look like in Luxembourg?

2.   Mental health: let's take action! (Workshop in Luxembourgish)

Feelings of shame, prejudice, lack of information, language barriers and funding issues mean that many people in need of mental health care do not reach out for help. What needs to be done to make mental health services more accessible and adapted to people living on the margins of our society?

3.   Let's give all children the opportunity to grow up healthy! (Workshop in Luxembourgish)

Children and teenagers living in precarious situations are more likely to be negatively affected in their physical, cognitive and emotional development. What needs to be done in the areas of health, education and family support to ensure that everyone has equal opportunities?

Detailed programme of the symposium on 25 May (in French)

Translation into French will only be provided for the main presentations and not for the workshops.

Parking on site is limited. Caritas provides a shuttle bus from the Philharmonie tram stop to the venue.

Registration for the Symposium of May 25

  • If you have any questions or if you need support to register, please contact us at tel: +352 402131 *200/*518
  • Registration must be done separately for each day
  • The detailed programme will be published on the website in early April.

An eco-responsible event:

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