Bangladesh: Training to become a nursery nurse

Every year, 400,000 people arrive from rural areas to Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Most of these people are very poor women seeking work opportunities in the textile industry.

To be able to work, they often leave their pre-school children alone during the day. Childcare facilities are therefore essential. This is why Caritas Luxembourg supports the setting up of day-care centres for the children of textile workers, from birth to 5 years old.

Training and opening your own day-care centre

To date, 10 crèches for 200 children have been set up, with the participation of the local community. Qualified staff trained in early childhood education - recruited from the local community - accompany and surround babies and young children in their daily activities. In this way, the educators provide children with a safe and stable base, a prerequisite for all development and learning. Unemployed women are also encouraged to set up their own home-based day-care centres, thus guaranteeing them an income and providing childcare opportunities for other mothers.

By giving this gift, a woman in Bangladesh will be trained to open her own home-based nursery.

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