Laos: A water filter

Laos is still one of the poorest countries in the world. In remote and rural areas, the standard of living of the population is even lower than in the cities. Diseases are common, especially among the youngest.

While there is no shortage of water in Laos, in these remote and hard-to-reach villages, it is difficult or even impossible to find a source of drinking water. People often get their water from village wells or directly from the river - even if they carry sewage or water soiled by livestock - with all the health risks that this entails. Laos still experiences a significant number of deaths each year related to the consumption of non-potable water.

The solution? Water filters

Caritas Luxembourg has a good understanding of this issue and the challenge clean water represents for these communities. For several months now, water tanks and filters have been distributed to the poorest families in the region where Caritas Luxembourg works. The principle is simple: the tank is filled with water from the source, it is then filtered through a ceramic filter and comes out ready to be consumed, used for cooking or for hygiene. In total, Caritas Luxembourg plans to distribute more than 1,800 water filters in about 100 villages. All the households that have already received their filters have seen an improvement in their health.

By offering this gift, you allow a whole family to have drinking water permanently available.

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