Luxembourg : School supplies

The majority of Luxembourg's population is of foreign origin. Recent conflicts have only added to the arrival of migrants seeking employment, many of them young people.

It has to be said that these young people, generally aged between 15 and 25, have only a basic general education, which is not enough to find a job. It is also not uncommon to meet young people with little or no education or to take in illiterate people. If other young people are lucky enough to come to Luxembourg with a certain intellectual or professional background, they come up against Luxembourg's singularity and its French, German and Luxembourgish trilingualism. Sometimes, a refresher course or additional training is also necessary, to better meet the expectations of the labour market.

School material for training

This is why Caritas Luxembourg has decided to concretely support the integration of young people of foreign origin in Luxembourg through a sustainable and far-reaching programme in order to contribute to guaranteeing good social cohesion in the long term.

By offering this gift, a refugee high school or university student will have access to all the school material necessary for his or her education and integration into Luxembourg society.

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