Legacy, donations and life insurance

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In order to sustainably improve the living conditions of people in difficulty and enable them to take back their destiny in their own hands, Caritas Luxembourg takes a long-term approach to its action, going beyond one-off aid. It is legacies that make this work possible in part.

By choosing to pass on your goods to Caritas Luxembourg, you therefore choose to perpetuate, well beyond your life, the values of charity and fraternity, and you extend your commitments with a magnificent gesture of love and solidarity.

In addition, the State encourages donations and legacies in favour of recognised organisations such as Caritas Luxembourg, by making these transfers of property benefit from a favourable tax regime, both in terms of income tax and in terms of registration and inheritance rights.

To help you in this personal process, Caritas Luxembourg has prepared a detailed brochure, available in French and in German, which contains all the necessary information on legacies and donations, as well as the programmes to be supported.

Ask for our brochure

If you have any questions, need advice or assistance of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact Caroline Theves, Head of Donor and Partner Relations. Ms Theves will be happy to assist you in your efforts and reflections, in complete confidentiality and without any obligation on your part.


Caroline Theves

Head of Donor and Partner Relations

Tel.: +352  40 21 31 - 260


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