Night shelter "L'Espoir" in Bonnevoie

As part of its aim to improve the care provided for the most vulnerable people in society, Caritas Luxembourg manages a night shelter in Bonnevoie district for homeless people who are most vulnerable in terms of their physical or mental health, and who either cannot or will not be accommodated in any of the existing centres.

Like the low-threshold social bar "Le Courage", the night shelter of Bonnevoie "L'Espoir" gives people the opportunity to rest during the night, warm themselves up, take a shower, and have something to eat and drink.

The expectations with regard to those using the facility are minimal.

The Halte de Nuit is open every day from 9.30 pm to 7 am. It is intended for particularly vulnerable homeless people who cannot be accommodated in the usual emergency facilities. They can stay overnight, take a shower and do their laundry. They are also served dinner and breakfast. Finally, people can be accompanied, if they wish, in the various administrative procedures that enable them to regain their social rights and access healthcare. Access to the Halte de Nuit is possible through the Halte de Nuit day team and the streetworkers who are present in the streets of the city.

The night shelter "L’espoir" is a joint initiative with the City of Luxembourg and The Ministry of Family, Integration and the Greater Region.


Halte de Nuit "L'Espoir"

Pascal Lambertz,


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