The number of homeless people in Luxembourg is still a challenge. A quarter of them are under 30 years of age. Having spent a long time with no income, no home and nothing to keep themselves occupied, in an environment that does little to encourage any kind of positive change, the people affected are at risk of losing all hope for a better future sooner or later.

A sociocultural space for exchange and artistic expression for homeless people

To break the monotony of their daily lives, and to enable them to occupy their time and express themselves, a space dedicated to artistic expression of all kinds is provided, including painting, music, composition, singing and sewing, among other things.

Participants are provided with all the equipment that they need on site. Workshops are led by volunteer artists, and the various creations are showcased in concerts, exhibition previews, recordings, etc.

Discover Creamisu via the video produced by Marylène Andrin an entiteled "Jusqu'au Creamisu"

The workshop is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm, to anyone who is homeless.


2a, rue Irmine
L-1814 Luxembourg-Bonnevoie

Luca Parisi,

Nathalie Scheer,

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