Eisléck Inklusiv

Carried out as part of the European LEADER programme, the "Eislek inklusiv" project aims to set up a social inclusion agency in the six municipalities of the canton of Wiltz, whose mission will be to ensure that all citizens, regardless of age, origin, skills, disability, etc., can participate fully in community and societal life.

More specifically, this will be:

  • to include refugees and foreigners and their children at the local level, in particular by providing them with facilitating support persons (contact, translation, access, mutual understanding, etc.).   
  • to promote social inclusion at school (homework help, etc.).   
  • to support the day-to-day life of disadvantaged people (e.g. administrative assistance, etc.)  
  • to keep elderly, disabled or sick people (migrant or not) at home longer (e.g. visits to activate and break the loneliness)   
  • to encourage the implementation of mixed aid solutions (professionals versus volunteers, services versus citizens)   
  • to find solutions so that young people do not have to leave their town or region due to lack of housing.

The project is aimed at the entire population of the district, especially refugees, foreigners and migrants, but also the elderly, jobseekers, disabled people, children and young people, large and single-parent families and people with low incomes.

The following actions will be carried out within the framework of the project:

Surveys at municipal level and among the population to analyse existing needs   

  • Campaigns to raise awareness of the objective of an inclusive municipality and promotion of a culture of solidarity   
  • Creation of opportunities for citizen involvement (voluntary work, training) in the social and solidarity field (self-help teams)   
  • Promotion of any initiative contributing to making the canton more inclusive (networking, moderation, structuring of processes, animation and consolidation of existing projects) 
  • Information, guidance and administrative assistance (public writer) with the aim of making existing services accessible   
  • Promotion of citizen participation (focus groups related to local social inclusion)   
  • Evaluation of actions

The project is conducted with the support of:

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