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How Caritas Luxembourg is helping in Moldova

Since the beginning of the war, Caritas Luxembourg has been in Moldova to help people fleeing the war in Ukraine. This help takes several forms.

There is the provision of tents at the Moldovan border. These tents house people fleeing the war who arrive exhausted after a long journey, often on foot.  The tents are supplied with coffee, soup, fruit, biscuits and blankets, depending on the needs identified. The Caritas Luxembourg team buys the products from local suppliers. Another action of Caritas Luxembourg at the Moldovan border is the provision of heaters for the tents housing the refugees. Only every second tent was heated at the beginning, when temperatures were below zero. Thanks to the help of Caritas Luxembourg, people are now warm in the tents. Finally, more and more requests for help are coming to Caritas Luxembourg from associations and local authorities for the purchase of, for example, mattresses, beds, sheets, fridges, washing machines, etc. It must be said that Moldova is a very poor country. The mobilisation to welcome the people who have fled the war is very great, but the means are limited. The help of Caritas Luxembourg is therefore important.

Another action of Caritas Luxembourg takes place in Chisinau - the capital - where it has set up a community centre with Caritas Moldova to welcome the most vulnerable people. Nearly 130 people are staying there overnight. In one month, thousands of people have passed through the centre to rest for a while and see how to move on. Hundreds of meals are served every day and psychological support is offered. Many people are traumatised. The second community centre supported by Caritas Luxembourg is in Balti.  Caritas Luxembourg is installing a community kitchen where families can prepare their own meals and is renovating the playground for the many children. The maintenance work is done by the refugees themselves who receive financial compensation for their work ("cash for work").

Finally, Caritas Luxembourg also helps refugees to find a medium-term housing solution. A hosting in families programme has been set up and a project to restore 150 accomodations that have been unoccupied for some time has been launched. Through these two measures, some 200 families will be able to be accommodated.

Finally, it should be noted that Caritas Luxembourg does not only help in Moldova. Caritas Luxembourg also helps Caritas Ukraine and Caritas Romania with the distribution of basic necessities. Help is also given to the many people fleeing the war who arrive in Turkey.

Caritas Luxembourg thanks all the people, companies, foundations, associations, parishes, institutions and municipalities for their very generous support. Without their support, Caritas Luxembourg could not help in Moldova.

Thank you!



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