What is eReUse?

This project promotes recycling by combining a circular economy approach with employment integration.

Why eReUse?

  • To help to limit the mining of precious minerals, or "conflict minerals" as they have become known, which often come from Africa and are mined in conditions that are terrible both for people and for the planet     
  • To promote the reuse of unused mobile phones, so that they do not end up in illegal dumps in Africa where they make the social and environmental situation worse      
  • To create employment integration opportunities for job seekers in Luxembourg

What does eReuse involve in practice?

  • Collecting old and unused phones  
  • Disassembling these electronic devices     
  • Enabling the reuse of the materials that they contain 
  • Reintroducing these materials into the process of manufacturing new electronic devices

Where should you dispose of your old phones?

List of all the collection points

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