La Villa

This is the name of the open shelter structure of Caritas Luxembourg which receives victims of human trafficking in an urgent and anonymous manner and for a period of time which varies according to the specific needs and the status of the persons being cared for. The Villa mainly, but not exclusively, takes in male victims of human trafficking. If space permits, it can also take in female victims of human trafficking or male victims of domestic violence.

The Villa was set up in collaboration with the Ministry of Equality between Women and Men. Victims are provided with decent accommodation in private, single or double rooms (The structure is composed of 7 rooms, 2 of which are double rooms and therefore has a total of 9 beds). The Villa offers them a space of protection in complete anonymity. The residents are supported, advised and assisted by a social worker from Caritas Luxembourg, by the Service d'Assistance aux Victimes de la Traite des Êtres Humains (SAVTEH) of Femmes en Détresse and COTEH of the Fondation Maison de la Porte Ouverte in their administrative procedures, their psycho-social problems, their efforts to lead a life as autonomous as possible as well as in the living-together in this community housing.  Individual meetings and group sessions with all the residents are organised on a regular basis.

At the end of September 2020, the 9 places were all occupied.

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