During the night of 14-15 March 2019, Mozambique was badly affected by hurricane Idai, which caused severe flooding in the north and centre of the country. More than 600 people died, more than 200,000 houses were destroyed or severely damaged, basic infrastructure was severely damaged and more than 1.5 million people were affected by the passage of the hurricane. The most urgent needs were for shelter, food, water and sanitation (WASH) and basic services such as education and health. Caritas Luxembourg, thanks to its European partners, was able to react and participate in the emergency response first, and then in the rehabilitation efforts.

The projects set up directly after the hurricane Idai consisted of the distribution of food products, seeds and agricultural tools, cooking kits, clothing and school materials. The aim was to ensure that the basic needs of the affected communities were fully covered, but also to help them restart subsistence agricultural production. The projects initially responded to the most urgent humanitarian needs of vulnerable people by providing vital assistance and/or recovery aid in the aftermath of hurricane Idai.

A rehabilitation project is currently underway. Its objective is to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farming families in two communities through food distribution, sustainable agricultural production and market linkages. Many families have lost their entire harvest due to the cyclone and the food produced from the seeds that were distributed by humanitarian actors immediately after the cyclone is insufficient. Before the cyclone, the vast majority of families were dependent on agriculture. This project, in addition to distributing agricultural supplies, provides technical advice to help people use sustainable and efficient farming techniques, set up effective post-harvest management and help them connect their collective production to the market.

Pictures credits: Mario Macilau - Caritas Switzerland - Fairpicture

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