Plaidons Responsable

Based on a dual political and civic dimension, "Plaidons Responsable", the awareness program from the International Cooperation department, aims to complement the work carried out on the field:

  • by thematizing the causes AND consequences of situations of injustice and social inequality,
  • by analyzing the power relations that are at the origin of these dysfunctions (or that are perpetuated by them), in order to understand them and propose appropriate alternatives.

To do so, "Plaidons Responsable" plays an active role in raising awareness among the general public and especially among young people in order to facilitate the understanding of the connections between the current economic model, our (over)consumption and the resulting social and environmental footprint. The proposed alternatives are based on the 2030 Agenda and the various sustainable development objectives set by the international community.

The actions carried out by "Plaidons Responsable" can thus be categorized in three areas of action:  raising awareness, political advocacy and education for development .

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Over the years, while collaborating with other civil society organizations at the national and international level, "Plaidons Responsable" has acquired in-depth knowledge of several policy issues (such as human trafficking, agriculture, the textile sector, climate issues, supply chains,...).

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