Résidence intergénérationnelle de Beggen

Although the poverty rate among the elderly is very low in Luxembourg, some elderly people have very modest incomes, especially those who have lived in centres and supportive housing as a result of multiple problems.

These people are vulnerable not only because of their material circumstances, but also because they often live in isolation. On the other hand, there are numerous students, many of whom come from abroad, some who may be feeling far from home, who struggle to pay rent for accommodation.

The Caritas Luxembourg project involves bringing elderly people and students together to live under one roof, so that they can support each other.

What does this look like?

This mixed home, called "intergenerational" residence for elderly people and students, is a building of 2,000 m2 built by Caritas Luxembourg in Beggen (Luxembourg City). It consists of ten small flats of approximately 45 m2 for elderly people with modest incomes, 12 student bedrooms of approximately 15 m2 with a communal kitchen and living room, shared access spaces and a multi-purpose common room where people can meet. There is also a flat for a family with a modest income that takes care of minor jobs, and functional spaces such as a workshop, treatment room, garden, etc.

What makes this an innovative project?

The innovative aspect is that the life of elderly people and students is organised in such a way that everyone can appreciate the advantages and can experience living in a community in a positive light. In return for a very modest rent, students undertake to carry out small tasks for people with diminished independence, such as providing assistance with mobility, support with shopping, administrative support, minor repairs, etc.

The collaboration with the association LISEL - Lieu d’Initiatives et de Services des Etudiants au Luxembourg (Student Initiatives and Services in Luxembourg) ensures that the student flats are continuously occupied.

How is the project funded?

The total construction budget amounts to 3.5 million euros (including tax), 75% of which is funded by the Ministry of Housing, with the remaining 25% covered by our own funds. People have been living in the home since February 2017.

A project conducted with the support of:


Marco Hoffmann

Tel.: +352 40 21 31 - 231, marco.hoffmann@caritas.lu

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