Rethink your clothes

In cooperation with the NGO Fairtrade, Caritas Luxembourg raises the general public's awareness of the social and ecological issues in the textiles industry.

60 million people work in this industry across the world. Of these, 70% are in Asia, 80% are women and most are exploited on a daily basis. The human rights violations are piling up: starvation wages, psychological bullying and sexual harassment, repression of trade unions, child labour, intolerable working hours, repeated accidents, exposure to toxic substances, and pollution.

The aim of the "Rethink your clothes" campaign is to instigate a debate about this problem, while also demonstrating that a different kind of consumption is possible.

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Flashmob organised the 24th April 2018 - 5 years after the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh:

The evaluation of Caritas Corona-Helpline and the experience of the teams on the ground are rich in lessons learned. If we don't want people and families to fall permanently into precariousness, measures need to be taken quickly! Please find all our proposals for action in the link below!

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