Time to pay attention to women

Too often, the role of refugee women is limited to childrearing when they are mothers, and household chores. They rarely have the opportunity to express themselves fully, or to pursue education, such as learning the language spoken in host countries. From a cultural point of view, they find themselves relegated to the background. That is why the Maison "Le Temps des Femmes" was set up and why the project is focused on them.

Building women's self-esteem

It is for this reason that Caritas Luxembourg is paying special attention to women. Many of them have a low self-image and feel diminished in the eyes of their children.

The Caritas Luxembourg project aims to build their self-esteem through a whole series of activities. Beauty and sports sessions, artistic expression workshops, meetings on specific topics, as well as training modules in languages and IT are all part of the programme. The aim is also to give them advice in a range of areas, such as educating their children, and life in Luxembourg.

Our programme for refugee women

  • Training modules: languages, IT, and more.
  • Artistic expression workshops (sewing, cooking, painting, DIY etc.)
  • Sports sessions for physical well-being (gymnastics, fitness, yoga, and so on)
  • Meetings about specific topics relevant to them (health, sexuality and contraception, food hygiene etc.)
  • Beauty sessions (including massages, hairstyling and make-up) to boost self image and (re)gain confidence

These meet-ups are an opportunity for women to come out of themselves, to meet people and express and share their views on topics and concerns. They play leading roles in the workshops, and help organise them.


Tatiana Chambert, tatiana.chambert@caritas.lu


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