Caritas Luxembourg is supporting a new project for migrants in Turkey.

Since September 2021, Caritas Luxembourg and its Turkish partner have been working in four Turkish provinces for the project "Support and legal assistance to vulnerable migrants in Turkey".

This new project comes to the aid of a population that is too often forgotten or that we do not want to see, those who are commonly called "undocumented" or illegal. Those who have left everything behind to take the immigration route to an uncertain future full of pitfalls because the road is long and dangerous; not only for the seas to cross but also the roads to take and the borders to cross. Suffering the long and dangerous journey is the lesser evil in the face of traffickers of all kinds. Women, men or children do not matter to the smugglers, the road cutters or the officials; everything is good to abuse people without rights since they are illegal, they have no existence and very little means of recourse.

Turkey is at the gates of Europe and sees an influx of people of all nationalities, reflecting geopolitical issues, persecutions, economic upheavals and multiple crises. They are mostly from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan, Ethiopia, Central Asia; from all over Africa; from all religions. 

We prefer the term "irregulars" to "illegals". This population to whom we try to give back an existence, a dignity by bringing concrete help (warm clothes, hygiene products in particular for women, vouchers, etc.); by informing them about their rights; by physically protecting those most at risk of violence or sexual exploitation; by helping them in their legal steps to become regularised. These are some examples of interventions.

Cases requiring help and protection, like Samaneh's, are numerous but often difficult to identify. Some are under the control of traffickers who force them into prostitution or exploitation, others are hiding for fear of being arrested and expelled to their country of origin.

Our action through mobile teams is in contact with local associations, mosques, parishes and municipal services to establish contacts and inform people of their rights, advise them on their administrative procedures or support them in their legal appeals.  The Turkish language is a major obstacle for migrants, but our translators intervene. Each critical case is followed up individually. 


This project receives the financial support of the European Union, through its Humanitarian Aid Operations department and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg.





For any further information on the project, please contact Florian Willemot –

For more information on EU funding for humanitarian aid:


This publication has been produced within the framework of the project: "Providing legal assistance and support to vulnerable migrants in Turkey" which is implemented with the financial support of the European Union, through its Humanitarian Aid Operations Department.  The views expressed here should not be taken in any way to reflect the official opinion of the European Union. 

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