The "Sozialalmanach" is published every year in advance of the Prime Minister's speech on the state of the nation and serves as an instrument for dialogue with political decision-makers, civil society and the economy.

The 2021 edition of the Sozialalmanach is entitled "Wéi e Lëtzebuerg fir Muer? Raus aus der Kris - mee wouhin? and goes to the heart of the questions about the social development of Luxembourg.

Unfortunately our edition is out of stock. It is no longer possible to obtain supplies.

We also invite you to consult the "Sozialbarometer", which is intended to be a complement to the Sozialalmanach.

Sozialalmanach 2009 "Schwerpunkt: Nachhaltigkeit der sozialen Sicherung"
20 June 2009
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Sozialalmanach 2008 "Schwerpunkt: Kinderarmut & Bildung"
20 June 2008
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Sozialalmanach 2007 "Schwerpunkt: Soziale Gerechtigkeit"
20 June 2007
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