Centre Ulysse

The Centre Ulysse is an emergency centre open all year round. Located in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie, it accommodates homeless people, provided it has beds available.

Halfway between the streets and accommodation

The centre can accommodate up to 64 people. 51 beds are earmarked for emergency situations, and 13 beds are reserved for long-term homeless people of a certain age who often present alcohol dependency problems or psychological disorders. Eight beds are used for homeless women who have not been accommodated by specialist services for women.

A multidisciplinary team offers personalised psycho-social and educational assistance for all those accommodated by the centre.


Centre Ulysse

3, Dernier Sol, L-2543 Luxembourg

Filipe Ribeiro, filipe.ribeiro@caritas.lu

Diana Pereira, diana.pereira@caritas.lu

Tél.: +352  26 49 68 - 1

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