This service aims to help young refugees and migrants to find a place in our society.

There are many difficulties to deal with: deprivation, problems arising from family reconfiguration, children left to their own devices, young people experiencing social disruption, a lack of educational and/or professional goals, young people who have had traumatic experiences, unaccompanied minors, young people in the criminal justice system, administrative difficulties, etc. Educ’actif seeks to ensure their integration in education and/or in the job market, fights to end their isolation, gives them new motivation by encouraging them to think about themselves, maintains dialogue between different institutions (administration, school, the justice system and work), intervenes with families, acts as a mediator, etc.  

The work done by Educ’actif is quite close to Faré's work, with one major difference: the beneficiaries are refugees and migrants.

Our greatest strength is our commitment to interculturalism. We are trained to intervene in very different cultural contexts, while respecting everyone's culture. We also have a deep awareness of the problems linked to exile and migration.  Finally, we speak the languages of the families concerned (Arabic, Tigrinya, etc.), which facilitates communication and understanding," explains Faruk Licina, manager of Educ’actif.

Their tools include an annual away break for around ten troubled young people.

The aim is to allow them to get away from their difficult daily lives so that they can re-energise themselves, have new experiences and come back with a new way of looking at things, their lives and the world around them," explains Faruk Licina. 



Faruk Licina

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