Help for young refugees and migrants

We need to make a special effort to help young refugees, among others.

Vulnerable young people

Many of them had extremely traumatic experiences during the war in their country or while fleeing from it. A number of them arrived in Luxembourg without their parents, including minors. Most of them have had to break off their studies and they find themselves in a school system that is very different from theirs, where they have to start from scratch by learning the language. Some of them attend classes without being regarded as school students, so they do not receive any financial assistance. Traumatised, uprooted, having no means and often being on their own, these young people are very vulnerable.

300 young people assisted every year

Our care for young refugees begins as soon as they arrive at the refugee centre and continues from there, in cooperation with the various national institutions, through the Educ’actif and Form’actif services: this involves help with their choice of courses, school and employment integration, training, fighting isolation, financial assistance, dialogue with institutions, mediation with families, etc. Altogether, we assist more than 300 young people every year, including around thirty minors who are cared for under the guardianship of Caritas Luxembourg and whose progress we continue to follow after they have reached adulthood.

In certain refugee centres, informal education has been provided for refugee children for the last two years.

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