We provide housing for vulnerable people who find it difficult to access housing, for example, because they have lived on the streets for a long time, or because they have a very modest income, but who are capable of leading an independent life with adequate social assistance.

People are housed either in groups or individually, and are offered multidisciplinary support according to their wishes and needs and to suit their own pace.  The approach follows the principle of harm reduction and recovery. A diagnosis is performed at the start to define exactly what the person needs. For example, this may include help to manage their budget and avoid debt, guidance and easy access to psycho-medical care and/or treatment services, supervision of medicinal treatment, physical support with appointments or procedures, and weekly home visits by a referring educator, etc.

The persons choose the services they feel they would benefit from. Services are offered, but nothing is imposed ("low-threshold" approach). The ways and means of assistance are recorded in a help plan, which is flexible and can be adjusted at any time.

For Caritas Luxembourg, the most important thing is to create a relationship of trust with the persons, strengthen their personal and social skills and encourage them.  The aim is to promote their independence.

If they are needed, Caritas Luxembourg staff members are there from Monday to Friday and on holidays.

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You are looking for social housing

Social housing of Caritas Luxembourg are intended for people and families already assisted by Caritas Luxembourg in its various shelters or through its services.

If this is not the case for you, we invite you to contact the social office of the municipality in which you are currently residing. You will also find HERE a list of other actors and organisations that can help you, depending on your personal situation.

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