IsiPSY - Psychological and therapeutic consultations

ISIPSY is a psychological and psycho-therapeutic consultation service that is open to everyone, although it is based in a Caritas Jeunes et Familles Asbl structure.

ISIPSY offers psychological and psychotherapeutic care in accordance with the interactional and strategic approach (A.I.S.). This approach focuses on the way in which problems are experienced "here and now", and it uses the context of people's current lives to lead them to new experiences, allowing them to approach the future in a different way.

The team consists of qualified psychologists with complementary therapeutic training, including one psychotherapist. It is bound by professional secrecy, approved by the Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth and recognised by the National Children's Office (ONE).

The team holds consultations with children and teenagers who live in one of the Caritas Jeunes et Familles Asbl  centres, but not only with them. Anyone (children, teenagers and families) who wants to receive help can consult the IsiPSY.



Bénédicte Noël

Tel.: +352  27 51 96 65 / GSM 691 65 94 98

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