The Kanner-JugendTelefon telephone service offers listening and support to children and young people completely anonymously.

It is easy to get help by calling 11 61 11 or by visiting the website www.kjt.lu, and the help service is also available in English.

Likewise, if parents need to be listened to, supported and given advice on their questions, doubts, difficulties and distress, they can call the "Elterentelefon" service on 26 64 05 55.

The work of the Kanner-JugendTelefon service is only possible thanks to the team of 70 volunteers who work on-call on a shift basis. The team has received basic training and consists of psychologists, teachers and people from all walks of life.

"We have a three-word motto that is like an uncrossable boundary: anonymity (which concerns the person calling as well as the one taking the call), competence and trust," the managing director, Barbara Gorges-Wagner, is keen to stress.

The Kanner-JugendTelefon service also manages the BEE SECURE helpline (8002 1234), which gives advice and guidance to children and young people on how to use the internet properly. Finally, illegal internet content can be reported via the BEE SECURE Stopline (stopline.bee-secure.lu).

The Kanner-JugendTelefon service is managed by Caritas Luxembourg in association with the Fondation Kannerschlass (Kannerschlass Foundation), Croix-Rouge Luxembourgeoise (Luxembourg Red Cross) and the Ligue Médico-Sociale (Medico-Social League), and with the support of the Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth and many donors.


Tel.: +352  11 61 11



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