Social support

For many years, Caritas Luxembourg has offered social support in several languages, including Russian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Albanian, Arabic and Persian.

The service is aimed at international protection seekers, beneficiaries of international protection, rejected asylum seekers, undocumented people and all migrants who need help of any kind, especially those from outside the European Union. It provides them with information about their rights and all the procedures that specifically affect them, useful information to make their daily lives in Luxembourg easier, help with putting together their file, translations of some of their documents, assistance with looking for housing or a job, assistance with the steps that they need to take for the family reunification procedure, etc.

Find the complete range of services in the brochure below.

The social departments of municipalities and hospitals, as well as parishes, can also use the service for a range of purposes, such as to obtain precise information about the international protection procedure, the rights and duties acquired by obtaining refugee status, the steps that need to be taken for the family reunification procedure, etc., to obtain translation services in various languages, or indeed to direct people to us so that we may handle their personal file in relation to their administrative situation in Luxembourg.


Accueil social

29, rue Michel Welter, L-2730 Luxembourg

Tel.: +352  40 21 31 - 534


The social support service is maintained during the health emergency of Coronavirus. It will, however, only oiperate by appointment and for the most serious situations. Please contact us for an appointment or for further information:

  • in Arabic on 621 186 162   
  • in Tigrinya language to 621 387 985   
  • in Persian language to 621 628 536   
  • in French, German, English and to request a social agent: 40 21 31 537 or 40 21 31 536.

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