A number of Streetworkers work for Caritas Luxembourg in the neighbourhoods of Luxembourg and in the railway station area.

Listening to young people

Streetworkers go to meet young people who have chosen to live on the street, talk with them and, if appropriate in the situation, offer activities for them. As well as being assistants, mediators and advisers in difficult situations, they also organise projects such as "Streetfoot", "Streetart", "Explore the City", "Treff Kicken an Grillen", "Pimp my Haff", etc., which enable young people to feel listened to and valued.

Preventing exclusion

They also play a preventive role. In September, for example, they visit the local high schools to present what they do, the places where young people can be listened to and supported, the activities that are organised, etc.

These presentations have recently taken the form of a scavenger hunt, which is greatly appreciated by young people," Streetworkers Yolanda Tortorelli and Dario Bruno point out.

All year long, Streetworkers also organise "Blind Spot" meetings to raise young people's awareness of what life on the streets is like. The initiative was instigated by the Lycée Technique du Centre in 2013 by organising a meeting between high school students and young people on the streets, and now it also involves students from other high schools, including the IPMD (Employment Integration for Various Professions) classes.

In these classes, there are young people who haven't found apprenticeships and so are at high risk of dropping out of school. We want to help them as a matter of priority," Yolanda Tortorelli stresses.

Another challenge for Streetworkers is to reach young people who have already dropped out but no longer leave their houses, unlike the others who hang around on the streets.

Finally, from 2016, the Streetworkers have offered regular sessions ("den Treff") every Wednesday in their premises at Pfaffenthal, as well as two-hour sessions every Thursday at the "parachute" on the Place de la Gare.

Streetwork is an initiative run by the City of Luxembourg and four associations.



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Dario Bruno,

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