For several years, Caritas Luxembourg has offered classes which refugees and migrants can attend alongside other students. These classes are intended to facilitate the social integration of refugees and migrants and open up new perspectives for them.

Language support classes for adults

Language support classes for adults are offered in Luxembourg-City. Most of the students who attend these classes are already taking language classes provided by other training bodies. Nevertheless, they come to Caritas Luxembourg for six hours a week for personalised support with their homework and very useful conversation workshops.

Training courses at the Centre Oasis

For around twenty years, Caritas Luxembourg's Centre Oasis in Wiltz has offered a similar range of training courses. As well as being a truly open drop-in centre, the Centre Oasis organises a whole range of activities:

  • Accredited language courses, at different levels and in different forms,
  • Civics courses and in-depth modules for people who have signed a "Contrat d'Accueil et d'Intégration" (CAI) with the Integration Department of the Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region,
  • Thematic information sessions that promote the autonomy and integration of non-Luxembourg residents.

Planning for 2019-2010 (French)


Centre Oasis

Caty Diop

12, avenue de la Gare, L-9540 Wiltz

Tél.: +352  95 90 69,

"Classes Passerelles"

Finally, another range of Caritas Luxembourg training classes, called "Classes Passerelles", have also proved their worth. The "Classes Passerelles" are aimed at young people who are no longer of compulsory school age or have been excluded from the mainstream education system. Their purpose is to assist young people with their social and employment integration, and ultimately with their integration into Luxembourg society, by working with them to implement a realistic career plan.



Cristina Lopes, Tel.: +352  40 21 31 - 541

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