Humanitarian aid

In the event of a humanitarian disaster, natural disaster or violent conflict, it is essential to be able to respond quickly and effectively. Thanks to the Caritas Internationalis network - 165 members operating in 200 countries – Caritas Luxembourg has field workers almost everywhere in the world, who are ready to intervene and provide emergency aid (food parcels, basic hygiene, shelters, etc.) to the populations who need it.

However, aid is not just a matter of fulfilling basic needs. It is implemented in such a way that it enables its beneficiaries to take charge of their lives again independently. Therefore, Caritas Luxembourg prioritises the participation of its beneficiaries, adopting a sustainable and integral development approach. The ultimate goal is to free victims from their dependency on aid, while also increasing their capacity to deal with any future upheavals. In fact, some disasters tend to become recurrent events, and their consequences become increasingly dramatic. Therefore, it is essential to prepare vulnerable communities by adopting preventative measures and improving their capacity to respond to these disasters.

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