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Nonna Sehovic: Increasing our impact

Friday 27 January 2023

At the beginning of January, Nonna Sehovic took over the new department " Politiques et Stratégies - Caritas Imp'ACT " of Caritas Luxembourg. 

What is your background?

I started at Caritas Luxembourg in 1997 as a freelancer in a European project for refugees from the Balkans. At that time, there were several big waves of refugees from the Balkans and for Caritas Luxembourg it was important to be by their side, to understand their needs and to provide them with adapted help. 
It was Agnes Rausch, former head of the Caritas Refugee Service, who introduced me to the job. I would like to thank her very much as well as Erny Gillen and Robert Urbé, members of the Caritas management at the time, who believed in me and trusted me. During all these years, a very strong bond was created between my employer and me. I am very attached to Caritas Luxembourg. 
Above all, I appreciate the fact that Caritas Luxembourg encourages its employees to challenge themselves, to broaden their horizons and to develop new skills. I have been lucky to do this for the past 25 years and I wish this for everyone. This is how we have been able to develop the "Social Support" service, which is now recognised as a competent player in all matters related to asylum and migration. The service has always adapted to the needs and concerns of the beneficiaries. I would like to thank my colleagues who built the service with me. The decision to leave the service and such a great team for a new challenge was a difficult one.

How do you see your new mission?

I fully recognise myself in the new mission that has been entrusted to me. It is an opportunity for me to develop my knowledge beyond asylum and migration issues. Caritas Luxembourg is indeed one of the few organisations to cover several areas of social life. 
The name of the new department "Caritas Imp'ACT" says a lot about its mission. The aim is to increase the impact that the work of Caritas Luxembourg can have on the lives of its beneficiaries, in Luxembourg and in the world. To do this, we need to strengthen internal and external synergies, to mobilise and develop available resources, to capitalise on our experience in the field not only to improve our service offer but also to change national and international policies, to the great benefit of all people living in precariousness and exclusion. I say "international policies" because I am convinced that in some areas, Caritas Luxembourg has developed an expertise that is worth sharing at the European level, notably through Caritas Europa.
Of course, to achieve all this, I count on the whole team. I am confident.


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