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Doing all we can to keep the aid flowing

Friday 20 August 2021

The current context in Afghanistan is having a major impact on the work of Caritas Luxembourg in the country. 

Caritas Luxembourg and its partners run a dozen field hospitals and have a special project to fight tuberculosis. Women are the main recipients of this action. Everything had been done in recent years to give women greater access to health care, notably through the hiring of female medical staff. Today, everything is questioned.

What will be the consequences for the work of Caritas Luxembourg?

If female medical staff were no longer able to work, women would no longer have access to care.  The spread of tuberculosis would no longer be controlled, leading to even greater poverty. At the moment, the hospitals can still function with the equipment they have, but we do not know for how long. Financial transfers have been suspended. It is also to be expected that our international staff and experts will no longer be able to travel to Afghanistan. Meanwhile, people's needs will certainly increase in the coming months. Our immediate goal is that no one should stop the treatment they have started. That would be very serious because it allows drug resistance. We will also continue to treat all those who come to our hospitals and seek medical help.

However, we will do our best to continue the project. We will find leads and resources to continue to help these vulnerable people and hope that there will be no hunger this winter!

Dr. Michael Feit, Head of International Cooperation, Caritas Luxembourg

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