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Nearly 100,000 displaced persons need urgent humanitarian aid!

Tuesday 24 December 2019

Since 16 December, the situation in Syria has been deteriorating again with intensified air strikes, bombings and renewed ground fighting along the front lines south of Idleb.

Tens of thousands of people - some sources say as many as 100,000 - have fled the Ma'arrat An-Nu'man area in the south of Idleb governorate to the north. Thousands more people are waiting for the bombing to calm down before they can move. Fuel shortages in the Idleb area prevent many civilians from fleeing.

Those who succeed in fleeing are moving to areas in the north-west already overcrowded with internally displaced people who have fled the war zones in successive waves since the beginning of the conflict. Moreover, this flight, which takes place in the middle of the winter, is particularly hard for families. Most of them are in urgent need of humanitarian aid, in particular shelter, food, hygiene kits, stoves, latrines, etc...

Caritas Luxembourg and its partners are on the field and are working with available resources, in collaboration with other actors and local authorities to help these newly displaced people as best they can. They are beginning to be registered and to receive initial emergency aid.

In a difficult psychological context, a few dozen kilometres from the front line, and despite the fatigue that is beginning to be felt, the local teams of Caritas Luxembourg have been working without respite since 16 December to assess the needs of the displaced men, women, children, elderly people and families arriving in the north of Idlib and to intervene accordingly. Since yesterday :

  • 8,000 displaced people have received two meals cooked with bread and hygiene kits;   
  • 950 displaced people have received food baskets and cooking kits.   
  • 810 displaced people have received bedding.   
  • 1,200 displaced persons benefited from the rehabilitation of unfinished buildings.   
  • 50 families benefited from the installation of emergency latrines.

People who wish to support the work of Caritas Luxembourg with the displaced in Syria can make a donation by transfer to the account CCPL IBAN LU34 1111 0000 2020 0000 of Caritas Luxembourg with the communication "Syria" or online.

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