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Caritas Luxembourg alarmed by the unprecedented humanitarian disaster looming in Gaza and calls for solidarity

Thursday 19 October 2023

Caritas Luxembourg firmly condemns the terrorist act by Hamas and the hostage-taking of innocent people, and reiterates the importance of respecting international humanitarian law, which guarantees the protection of civilians during armed conflicts.

Hamas's terrorist attack on Israel and the Israeli government's response could lead to an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza, an enclave that has already been hard hit by a humanitarian crisis for decades.

The conflict has already claimed thousands of civilian victims and wounded. Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced. Electricity, water and food supplies have been largely cut off. Humanitarian aid routes are closed. Caritas Luxembourg fears a major humanitarian disaster and will support the most vulnerable populations regardless of their origins, political opinions or religious beliefs.

As a first step, given the closure of border crossings into Gaza, Caritas Luxembourg is exploring the possibilities of working in the West Bank, with a view to supporting Palestinian refugees seeking shelter there. At the same time, efforts to gain access to affected areas in Gaza as soon as they reopen will continue, as will the identification of partners to ensure that support and aid reaches those most in need.

Finally, in view of the major humanitarian disaster that is looming, Caritas Luxembourg is calling for solidarity. Anyone wishing to help can make a donation by transfer to the CCPL account IBAN LU34 1111 0000 2020 0000 with the mention "Humanitarian crisis Palestinian Territories" or via our website below.

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