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Social commitment

By supporting a partnership campaign, your company gets involved in a solidarity movement to build a better society. As a generator of wealth, your company has an important role to play in mobilizing its resources and skills to support people in need. As a source of social links, your company invests in society as an actor for solidarity and promotes integration in the social and human environment.

To match your commitment to our needs, there are several ways of cooperation. Let us define common goals and build up a common project! This relationship can take different forms:

  • Financial support : donations contributing to a specific project/programme (please be aware that donations to the foundation are tax deductible)
  • Skills sponsorship : provision of human resources for services, training, technical advice
  • Technical sponsorship : provision of goods from the company
  • Donation of materials : provision of materials, according to the specific needs of the organisation (please ask what these needs are beforehand)
  • Participation of your staff : involvement of employees in activities organised by Caritas aiming to encourage social commitment

Caritas Luxembourg aims for long-term partnerships, at different levels, through a collaboration agreement, as it allows people to get commit together for people in need, in a sustainable way.

Promotion (press releases, news on social media, and reference in the annual report of Caritas Luxembourg) and volunteering days are part of long-term partnerships only.

Caritas Luxembourg values the social commitment of companies. However, we favour long-term and multi-level partnerships. Therefore, we do not organise one-off actions such as "social days" or "team building".

Caroline Theves

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