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Caritas Luxembourg offers educational workshops on the following themes: effects of consumerism, decent work and modern age slavery, agenda 2030, homelessness and poor quality housing, prevention of school dropout, and also on its activities and the different professions within Caritas. Do not hesitate to contact the people in charge of these offers for your educational needs.

Effects of consumerism


GSM facilitates communication in the North, the South and between the two and increasingly dominates our social life. The mobile phone has become much more than a telephone. Through various fun and educational activities, students will be shown the link between production and consumption, as well as the role to play as a responsible consumer in everyday life in Luxembourg through small steps. 

  • For whom? 11 to 18 years
  • Languages: FR, DE, LU
  • Length: 2h

Contact : (40 21 31 - 309)


The aim of this workshop is to help people understand what lies behind the production of textiles and how we consume clothes. It's a subject that particularly affects young people, who are in the process of developing their identity, seeking to express their personality and meet their need to belong to social groups, partly through the clothes they wear.

  • For whom? High school students (from 15 years old)
  • Languages: FR, LU, EN
  • Length: 2h

Contact (40 21 31 - 309)

Decent work and modern agE slavery


The aim of the workshop is to make young people aware of human trafficking, to familiarise them with the key concepts of (in)decent work, which exists both in the South and in the North, such as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This workshop invites them to sharpen their critical thinking through games and debate and supports them in finding solutions to improve the situation.

  • For whom? High school students (from 15 years old)
  • Languages: FR, LU
  • Length: 6 sessions of 2 hours each (customisable)

Contact (40 21 31 - 309)

Flyer Modern Age Slavery

Agenda 2030

Our world, our dignity, our future (OWODOF)

OWODOF is a participatory workshop of nine NGOs. The theme is Agenda 2030, the global sustainable development plan, change rather than growth. Various activities enable students to understand the global context. A link is established with the world in which the students live, and they learn in a motivating way that they themselves can make a commitment to sustainable development. The project includes both plenary and group activities.

This workshop is explicitly aimed at several classes at the same time (50 to 100 pupils aged 12 and over) and lasts 4 hours.

Languages: FR, DE, LU, EN

Contact :

Multiplikatorenschulung für Lehrkräfte, pädagogisches und psychosoziales Personal

in Zusammenarbeit mit ZfA2030 & IFEN

Interaktiv lernen wir die Agenda 2030 mit ihren Zielen kennen, die Umsetzung in Luxemburg und praktische Anwendungen für den Unterricht. Wie begegnen wir den Herausforderungen in der Welt der Konfrontation und der Gegensätze? Wie können wir Menschen darauf vorbereiten, diese Herausforderungen zu bewältigen? Welche Verantwortung haben wir in einer Welt, in der Armut, Gewalt, Vorurteile und Umweltzerstörung vorherrschen.

Sprache(n): Lu /De

Dauer: 3-5 h & nach Absprache


prevention of school dropout


In cooperation with various high schools in the city of Luxembourg, a meeting takes place between a school class and homeless people. The aim is to open up the life worlds of the homeless to young adults, to reduce prejudice and to prevent school drop-out. The meetings take place on neutral ground and in the absence of those responsible for the young adults (only during the programme itself) in order to be able to discuss in an open and informal way and to stimulate an honest exchange between the homeless and the target group.

  • For whom? High school students (from 15 years old)
  • Languages: FR, DE, LU
  • Length: 6h

Contact : (621 17 17 55)

       (691 223 224)


At the request of various primary and high schools in the affected areas of Luxembourg City, the street workers of Caritas Jeunes et Familles present their service. This presentation consists of a short lecture and a quiz. The aim is to explain to the pupils the different missions and limits of street work and its approach, with an emphasis on prevention (drugs, sexuality, important contact points for children and young people).

  • For whom? Children/Cycle 4 primary school, High school students (from 11 years old)
  • Languages : FR, DE, LU
  • Length: 2h

Contact : (621 17 17 55)

       (691 223 224)

Homelessness and poor quality housing


This activity is based on a flexible "toolbox" that can be adapted to the needs of the teacher and students. It consists of five parts: information in the form of fact sheets, exercises and interactions to get acquainted with the topic, life stories and teaching materials and also a bibliography.

  • For whom? High school students, Adults
  • Languages : FR, DE, LU
  • Length: from 1 to 10h

The "Wierdeg Wunnen" teaching kit is available for classroom use to any teacher or other interested person.

Contact : (40 21 31 - 326)


Activities and functions within Caritas Luxembourg


This presentation proposes to introduce the activities and areas of intervention of Caritas at national and international level, in its fight against precarity in Luxembourg, its presence with children, young people and families, its support to refugees and migrants and its steps in the field of international cooperation.

  • For whom? Groups
  • Languages : FR, DE, LU, EN
  • Length: 1h

Contact :


This presentation takes the form of a testimonial from a Caritas Luxembourg employee on the job he or she does on a daily basis: social workers, street workers, psychologists, educators are among the many professions present at Caritas Luxembourg.


  • For whom? from 15 to 19 years
  • Languages: FR, DE, LU
  • Length: 1h

Contact :

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