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Lease us your property!

Caritas Luxembourg is looking for property owners who are willing to rent out a vacant home for a modest rent.

By leasing your property to Caritas Luxembourg, you will not just be making a social gesture, but will also enjoy all the benefits of social rental management.

You will not find these benefits on the private market!

  • Guaranteed rent payment: Because you sign a lease with Caritas Luxembourg, not with the occupant, rent payments are guaranteed without fail every month, even if the property is vacant.
  • Tax exemption: As part of social rental management, you can enjoy tax exemption of 50% on net rental income.
  • Housing maintenance: Caritas Luxembourg has its own technical team, enabling it to carry out regular checks and maintenance on your property.
  • The tenants receive social and professional support. The occupant of your property is supported by a team of professionals in the social sector. The homes (flats or houses) will enable people in need (refugees, the homeless, those living in substandard accommodation and single-parent families) to start a new life. Caritas Luxembourg also helps them to find a job and to integrate into the local community.
  • The owner can contact a designated contact person at any time.


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