Donations of materials

Donations of materials are welcome.

However, Caritas Luxembourg cannot accept all of them. For example, there are strict hygiene conditions for food donations, so that they can be served to homeless people or refugees in the establishments run by Caritas Luxembourg. Others, such as furniture and mattresses, require substantial resources in terms of storage and logistics, which, unfortunately, Caritas Luxembourg does not have.

What do we currently need?

  • Suitcases
  • Sports bags
  • Sports clothing for young people and adults
  • Men's clothing in small sizes: XS, S, M

We are happy to accept these clothes, but only if they are washed and in a very good condition.

Attention: At the moment, we do not accept children's toys, as our stocks are already very full. Thank you.

Where should I put them?

You will find a list of all our collection points at Caritas Luxembourg and the Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise (Luxembourg Red Cross) have set up the Centre national de Collecte et de Tri (CNCT - National Collection and Sorting Centre), which collects and sorts donations and supplies them to the "Vestiaires" of the Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise, as well as Caritas Luxembourg's "Kleederstuff" stores. There, people in need can choose what they want, in return for a symbolic contribution.

International protection seekers are also provided with clothing. Clothes that we receive in good condition, but which do not meet our needs and so cannot be used, are sold on to other channels that share our values. This makes it possible to buy essential items such as new underwear.

Please note: Due to the current Coronavirus health crisis, we are unable to accept donations of clothing at this time. We will inform you as soon as it is possible again.

For any question concerning donations of materials:

Tel. : 621 811 688

The evaluation of Caritas Corona-Helpline and the experience of the teams on the ground are rich in lessons learned. If we don't want people and families to fall permanently into precariousness, measures need to be taken quickly! Please find all our proposals for action in the link below!

Read the position document