Refugees & Migrants

Applicants for international protection, refugees and migrants seek international protection and need the support of Caritas Luxembourg when they arrive in the country and for a few years following their arrival.

Integration and social cohesion

This assistance work is essential to ensure that they are properly integrated into society and thereby ensure the country's social cohesion.

This is why Caritas Luxembourg offers many services relating to life in Luxembourg, helping people to understand how their host country works and giving them assistance with regard to education and school enrolment for children and young people, women's role in society, housing and work. Through social work, themed training workshops, accommodation in centres and independent housing, and assistance for those seeking work and housing, we prepare people to take their place as citizens in society.

Defending their rights

At the same time, Caritas Luxembourg regularly takes positions on current socio-political affairs concerning refugees and migrants. Caritas Luxembourg is a member of the Collectif Réfugiés Luxembourg (Luxembourg Refugee Collective - LFR), which has recently expressed views on a number of subjects, including the duration and traceability of the application procedure for international protection, family reunification and access to the jobs market for international protection seekers, as well as speaking out against the detention of minors.

Find our most recent positions below:

LFR: Prise de position à l'occasion de la Journée Mondiale des Réfugiés (20 June 2020)

LFR: La Shuk: pour que le provisoire ne dure pas! (10 June 2019)

LFR: Communiqué de presse à l'occasion de la Journée Mondiale des Réfugiés (20 June 2019)

LFR: Propositions aux partis politiques: L'accueil des réfugiés, une politique de longue haleine (20 June 2018)

LFR: où va l'Europe? Soyons ambitieux en matière d'accueil des réfugiés! (20 June 2018)

Avis du Collectif Réfugiés Luxembourg - Non à la rétention de mineurs au Luxembourg (7 February 2017)

Find all our opinions and positions on the related page.

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