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Networks & Membership

The Caritas international network

Caritas Luxembourg is part of a global confederation that works in solidarity for a fairer world, drawing inspiration from the Christian faith and from the Church's social doctrine.

The 162 national Caritas organisations constitute the largest network of Catholic charitable organisations in the world, dedicated to reducing poverty and campaigning to promote social justice. Caritas Internationalis is based in Rome, in Vatican City. The 51 European members of Caritas Internationalis form the Europe region and are established as not-for-profit associations, with the head office of Caritas Europa based in Brussels.

Caritas Luxembourg, an active member of many platforms

In order to increase the impact of its activities in certain areas, Caritas Luxembourg works together with other associations.

Such is the case, for example, for issues related to refugees. Caritas Luxembourg is part of the “Collectif Réfugiés Luxembourg” (Luxembourg Refugees Collective). Together,

Together, the members of the LFR took action in 2023 on a number of issues, including demands to the political parties in the context of the national elections and the position on unaccompanied children.

On North-South issues, positions are also taken in consultation with other NGOs, notably through the "Plaidons Responsable" programme, notably through the "Plaidons Responsable" programme. Caritas Luxembourg is, among others, a member of the Cercle de Coopération des ONGD, of the Initiative Devoir de Vigilance Luxembourg and has signed the Manifeste du Conseil supérieur pour un développement durable (CSDD).

Caritas Luxembourg is a member of dozens of platforms, including: Agence du Bénévolat, Don en confiance, EAPN - European Anti-Poverty Network, FEANTSA-European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless, FEDAS - Fédération des Acteurs du Secteur Social au Luxembourg.

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