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Children, young people & families

Today, many children and young people live in fear of what tomorrow will bring. Just one of life's hazards (unemployment, losing a home, debts, a parent falling ill, drugs, alcohol, divorce, etc.) is enough to make their situation rapidly unravel and end their carefree childhood in one fell swoop.

Children who live in deprivation have less chance of finding their place in society than those who come from a more comfortable background, and this starts in early childhood with childcare and preschool education. In their teenage years, they face a great deal of social pressure if they cannot access the same leisure activities as other people, go to the same places, celebrate their birthdays with their friends, go on holiday, wear fashionable clothes, etc. This may affect their educational performance and could even lead to their dropping out of school. By the way, young people who leave school early have the least chance of success in the jobs market.

Helping at every level

In order to break this vicious cycle of deprivation, Caritas Luxembourg offers help and assistance for children, young people and families at every level: an anonymous telephone helpline, youth centres, holiday and leisure activities, day nurseries, day care centres, neighbourhood community work, psychological and educational support at the family home, supported housing, provision of temporary accommodation, and placement in an institution or with a host family.

Lobbying politicians on the subject of social inequalities

Faced with all these inequalities, as well as offering help and assistance services, Caritas Luxembourg has taken on the role of spokesperson for all these children and families, by taking positions on different issues relating to social inequalities and by lobbying politicians. The aim is to change the mechanisms that lead to this deprivation, to make these changes a reality and thus improve the lives of children and their families.

In recent years, Caritas Luxembourg has made its voice heard loud and clear on all issues relating to family allowances, parental leave, shortage of housing, youth unemployment, social transfers, multilingualism in day nurseries and many other subjects.

Our Latest position Papers:


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Investing in young people

"youngcaritas" gives young people the opportunity to gain social experience that will enable them to be active citizens who work in solidarity with society and to develop their human and social skills.


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